'For my money, the finest tenor player in Britain today''
Andy Hamilton - Jazz Review

'Whitehead more than justified his growing reputation as one of Britain's most thoughtful composers and improvisers.'
Chris Parker - The Times

'Whitehead is one of the most creative, exciting and passionate saxophonists in Europe and also one of the finest small-group composers.'
Ian Carr - A Rough Guide

 'Tim Whitehead is one of the finest contemporary British saxists, at least the equal of better-known players like Andy Sheppard and Courtney Pine.'
Andy Hamilton - Jazz on CD

 'There are many fine tenor players on the current British scene but Tim Whitehead is undoubtedly one of the best we have'
Peter Lund - Crescendo

'He is a prodigious tenor player whose graceful compositions always rise above the mere technicalities of the conservatoire... amid the crowd of anonymous, garrulous and hard-edged tenor saxophonists, Tim Whitehead's music is marked by a sense of grace and economy.'
Clive Davis - The Times

 'His is a sound of controlled power, sinewy and vigorous, but imbued with great tenderness in both the singing tone and the ravishing high note trills with which he decorates his ballads.'
Chris Parker - The Times

 'Whitehead glides ethereally into his phrases like a jazzier Jan Garbarek at times, although the playing is often stronger.'
John Fordham - The Guardian

 '...restrained, considered construction of solos ...'
John Fordham - The Guardian

 'It is his overall approach...that distinguishes Whitehead from many contemporaries. Sticking more closely to the tune's melody than is customary these days, he succeeds in drawing unaffectedly on all his stylistic influences - from Soul and Funk through mainstream Jazz to Coltrane-like rhapsodising ...'
Chris Parker - The Times

 'His repertoire takes in Latin music, straight ahead neo bop, and a clipped neat small band funk...' (of CD Authentic 1991)'...reveals his eye to be on wider horizons, with a substantial chunk of the music an evocative slow suite ...'
John Fordham - The Guardian (of CD Silence Between Waves 1995)

 'Silence Between Waves... benefits from the presence of gifted pianist Pete Jacobsen, whose subtle, atmospheric support is a constant delight.'
Linton Chiswick - Time Out

'...The consistently high standard of the two absorbing hour-long sets Whitehead's quartet played ...'
Chris Parker - The Times

 '...but above all, it is as a coherent, integrated unit that the greatest impression is made.'
Chris Yates - The Jazz Rag

 'Attractive, accessible yet finely crafted music.'
Chris Parker - The Times

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